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Milk used in making is a best quality (Fat>5).

it tastes very good and gives the experience of each fruit biting

there are three types of Rabdi / Rabri

1.Mango Rabdi/rabri

           The  Mango Rabadi is made from mango slices ,you can have a bite of it.its mouth watering

2.Sitaphal Rabdi/rabri

           The Sitaphal Rabdi is made from pure sitaphal pulp (Gar in Marathi),which is taken out from fruit and stored in good condition.you will feel it while eating!!

3.Tendor Coconut Rabdi/rabri

           The Tendor Coconut Rabdi is made from Tendor Coconut (Shahaal in Marathi),which includes innner layer of coconut and its water ,its a relaxing taste.

No Added Preservatives or Flavours.


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