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 I'm a Agricultural graduate working on this project since 2012 in Pune. I want the city people have the freshly harvested produce at their door step. Since the concept evolved in my mind I thought to work at my village level so I could bring the fresh produce to consumers doorstep. We team Paneerwala is passionate about Agriculture allied businesses and entrepreneurship. We are currently serving Pune households through this web portal and using our hotline number 9028005944. We believe in quality and freshness..



It’s love at first sight! It’s white gold, it’s creamy n it’s tasty, nevertheless 100% natural Our freshly curdled MalaiPaneer.

“The less it’s processed - the less the value addition,

The more it’s authentic and more it’s enjoyable”.

Let me tell you what these lines mean…

Do you know that any milk drawn from a cow or a buffalo gets processed with different steps till it reaches your home? If it’s only pasteurized and homogenized the content of the milk remains optimal. However in today’s industry, the cream of the milk is separated, it is added with cream powder-skim powder, added with water, and it can get added with some non consumable ingredients which may hurt your biology, do we really want to drink some water having white color? Is it the color for which we drink it? Or we drink it for the content it has? If you think the content is the main reason you drink milk, then you will understand the above lines. In simple words “when it’s less processed the ingredient combination of milk remains at optimal level, the milk benefits us more than heavily processed milk”

Note: Here processing of milk is considered as cream separation, milk solids separation, cream-skim powder addition etc.

Today, we have many milk and milk processed products at a nearby dairy store, but believe us most of the stores neither have the best quality nor the optimal quality agro-dairy produces. You know the “loose sold” Paneer you buy from a local store has relatively low vitamin-mineral, protein, milk solid contents than that of a Paneer which is made from a pure “whole” cow or buffalo milk. The reason behind it is the milk from which that Paneer is made is already stripped of its cream for commercial reasons.

Being agriculture graduates, we, the Paneerwala team think that if we can study above situation and make available a High quality fresh Paneer in today’s market we can win food lovers heart and at the same time can succeed in our business goals.

With an aim of supplying a good quality Malai Paneer and along with it supplying other agro processed foods we have started the concept of www.Paneerwala.in. This online portal will let our customers from Pune order their choice of Dairy and Agro processed products online.


We would be great to serve you our freshly churned products.

See you soon :)


Helllllo !

I believe in serving our direct from farm produce to you.

We would love to serve you a wide range of Dairy and Agro product segment that too fresh. Catch you around!

- Pratiksheet




I'm the Transporter with Paneerwala. On your left, but allways right in time.

I love to deliver fresh and neat.

- Avinash