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Feta Cheese (Price/100 gms)

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Rs. 149

Rs. 160 ( 7 % OFF)


This familiar feature of Greek cooking was originally made with either ewe's or goat's milk but, like all our cheeses, La Ferme Feta is made with cow's milk. It is solid but crumbly in texture, with some fissures, and distinguished by a milky fresh acidity. Like its Greek cousin, our Feta is particularly appreciated in salads and stuffed vegetables and extremely fresh-tasting as a snack at cocktail time. 

Fats 43% 
Kcal 235


The price mentioned 160rs is for per 100 grams. The actual price would be calculated at the time of delivery as per the weight of the cheese slab. Kindly note this while ordering. We will try to maximum match the slab quantity though you may find a little difference in quantity.