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local Garlic - Gavran

(SKU ID: ZY2A8740E00 )

Rs. 100


After the long wait our garlic is out of the planting area. Now you can order it. It's in the purest form, even I would say it would be difficult to find a good comparative material unless you reach a farmer who does grow a local variety for you. Lets shop to be healthy by eating pure and fresh.

( Our farm grown garlic / lasun has been planted in the month of Nov-December and soon will be matured to be harvested. You can see this product for sale in few days time. We will notify you about its online availabilty. It's grown the organic way, with the least residual effects of any chemicals.

We make sure that a single bite of it would bring happy and healthy tears in your eyes... :) and thats how its pureness and quality to be judged!!! )